Babywearing is often seen as a lifestyle or aesthetic choice, but the truth is that babywearing offers benefits to all caregivers and all babies; it helps babies’ physiological regulation, easing their digestion and preventing reflux, regulating their sleep, decreasing the frequency and duration of their crying, and maintaining a good milk supply and nursing relationship, all while increasing the caregiver’s mobility. Overall, regardless of your baby’s personality and your “parenting style,” owning one or two good baby carriers and knowing how to use them properly will be a boon to your early baby days.

I have many years of experience in multiple sectors of the babywearing industry, having trained in Germany and the U.S., and having worked for a retailer, for manufacturers, in mother-to-mother support, and in professional education. This long and varied experience means that I’m not easily swayed by passing trends in the market or on social media, and I can provide practical, down-to-earth guidance tailored to individual caregivers’ needs. (Here's an interview with more about my babywearing experience and approach.)

In classes and consultations, I help parents and caregivers:

  • understand how to achieve maximum safety and optimal positioning in any baby carrier;
  • try on a variety of baby carriers and identify the ones that they find to be most comfortable and easiest to use;
  • work with baby carriers that they already own in order to make them as comfortable as possible;
  • troubleshoot potential stumbling blocks;
  • learn advanced babywearing techniques such as nursing in the carrier and back carrying.

Most caregivers' basic babywearing needs can be met by an Express Babywearing Consultation, but if you are interested in multiple topics or wish to include multiple families, a full session may be more appropriate.



Babywearing Videos

I am LGBTQ-friendly, and love working with diverse families of all shapes and sizes.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, please inquire about sliding scale fees and payment plans.