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Birth Day Presence Express Childbirth Class, Midtown East

Childbirth Education 3-Hour Express Class at The Motherhood Center

205 Lexington Ave., 10th Floor, NY, NY 10016


Birth Day Presence childbirth preparation classes are well rounded and accessible. As doulas and childbirth educators, we have assisted thousands of expectant parents through a wide range of birth choices and experiences. We welcome all types of families and individuals. 

The Express Class is a fast and furious class for the Seriously Busy New Yorker!

For expectant parents who want a no-frills childbirth class in a nutshell One 3-hour session. 

The focus will be on:

  • Signs and Stages of Labor

  • Pain Management Techniques: breathing, relaxation, position choices, massage, pressure points, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, vocalization and much more

  • Pain Medication Options

  • Understanding Medical Support or Interventions and Induction

  • Cesarean Birth and Prevention