Koyuki Smith doula

There’s no doubt about it: all available evidence shows that doula support leads to improved physical and emotional outcomes for parents and babies: The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) specifically recommends doula care for improved medical outcomes, nonmedical pain coping, and labor progress, as well as decreased chances of cesarean birth.

I bring a calm, loving, and good-humored approach to labor support, helping parents to:

  • prepare for and move through the intensity of the birth and postpartum experiences while staying true to their deepest selves;

  • articulate and protect their birth preferences ("birth plan");

  • cope with labor using tools and techniques including position, massage, breathing, and vocalization;

  • interact productively with their medical care team;

  • create a sense of privacy and intimacy regardless of external circumstances;

  • be present and connected to the experience as well as to each other;

  • cultivate the flexibility and resilience to roll with the punches when birth brings its inevitable surprises.

My birth doula package costs $2400, and it includes:

  • 1-2 prenatal visits;

  • continuous physical and emotional support for the duration of your labor and birth;

  • continued support for 1-2 hours postpartum, including breastfeeding/chestfeeding initiation if appropriate;

  • 1 postpartum visit;

  • ongoing phone, email, and text support.

“Koyuki is a wonderful doula and I highly recommend her. She is innately intuitive and was always a step ahead in anticipating both my and my husband’s needs without being intrusive in any way. I felt like she was the glue that held everything together in a complex and long labor. She disappeared when the doctors stepped in but quickly reappeared when they left, in order to explain things in plain English and arm us with questions to help us navigate through the options. She enabled us to feel connected to the process and helped us feel confident that the right decisions were being made. Koyuki was a steady, enormously helpful, and calming presence when the pressure was on."

"Koyuki is a very talented doula who made me feel fully involved throughout the labor. She guided me into being the most supportive partner for my wife and reassured me with her presence and ability to guide us both through a potentially scary process. Without her help, I’m not sure I would not have been as supportive a partner. Koyuki helped me to stay calm and fully connected."

I am LGBTQ-friendly, and love working with diverse families of all shapes, sizes, and gender expressions.