The whole picture: speaking truthfully about birth (summer 2019, date tbd)


The whole picture: speaking truthfully about birth (summer 2019, date tbd)


Date tbd. Please email if you are interested in this workshop.

Workshop will be held at the Birthing From Within New York teaching studio in Central Harlem; address will be sent after registration.

Have you ever felt that you couldn’t possibly teach your clients everything they need to know about birth?

Do you struggle with how to give your clients a “realistic” understanding of the birthing experience without bursting their bubbles?

Do you notice your own opinions and values coloring the way that you present certain topics to your clients?

Are there certain topics that you feel reluctant to address because you don’t want to frighten or antagonize your clients?

In this workshop, we will examine how we figure out what to include and what to leave out when we teach about birth, whether in group classes or prenatal meetings/appointments. What might a PERFECT childbirth education session look like, and how would we know? How can we step aside from our own preferences and consider what each client really needs? How can we expand - or refine - our clients’ perspectives with gentleness, compassion, and respect?

You will leave with new inspiration and new understandings of how to meet your clients where they are and bring them what they need as they prepare for the transformation into parenthood.

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