Transition and Other Transitions: Challenging Moments in Perinatal Support, Sat. 9/29 & Sat. 11/3


Transition and Other Transitions: Challenging Moments in Perinatal Support, Sat. 9/29 & Sat. 11/3

from 60.00

Session 1: Saturday, September 29, 1:30pm-4:30pm

Session 2: Saturday, November 3, 1:30pm-4:30pm

You may register for either session independently ($60), or both together ($100).

Workshops will be held at the Birthing From Within New York teaching studio in Central Harlem; address will be sent after registration.

As professionals working with people in their childbearing years, we all encounter situations that challenge our wisdom, patience, and know-how. Afterwards, our hearts and heads often ache with doubt and self-judgement over the things that we did or didn’t say or do.

Such challenges might come in predictable, much-discussed forms — supporting clients through the most intense moments of labor (“transition”), conflicts with medical caregivers, or severe breastfeeding/chestfeeding difficulties. They can also arise in subtler, more surprising contexts — over the course of routine prenatal or postpartum visits, or with clients whose experiences appear to have gone smoothly, with objectively positive outcomes. During these challenging moments, whether expected or not, we are continuously faced with the tension between asserting ourselves and standing by, questioning and trusting, reacting instinctively and understanding intellectually.

This exciting two-workshop series will open your eyes to new perspectives on why perinatal support is so prone to such challenges, and how we can navigate them in ways that are healthy and productive for our clients and ourselves.

In Session 1, we will examine the Hero’s Journey as a map of the childbearing experience. We will discover universal patterns that exist in every birthing experience, not only for birthing people, but also for other participants in the process. Understanding these patterns gives us a whole new window into pregnancy, birth, and postpartum: why they present such deep challenges, and how people might move through those challenges rather than becoming stuck within them.

For Session 2, bring your most troubling case studies - the challenging perinatal-support moments that are lingering in your mind, causing heartache and self-doubt. We will use creative processes and open dialogue to help us see these experiences in a new light, and to find compassionate understandings of our own motivations as well as those of our clients. 

Both sessions will involve group and partner dialogue, direct instruction, journaling and/or art-making, and embodied experiential processes.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, please inquire about sliding scale fees and payment plans:

Class fee is nonrefundable. If you are unable to attend the class for which you registered, we will transfer your registration to a future class.

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